EPAS students travel to Utrecht

Students and teachers from three secondary schools across Ireland travelled to Utrecht, Netherlands from 23-25 November to meet with their counterparts from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden during a transnational event for schools in the European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) programme.

The students and teachers from EPAS schools Maynooth Post Primary School, Co. Kildare, St. Leo’s College,Carlow and Killorglin Community College, Co. Kerry got the opportunity to learn, interact and engage in a dialogue concerning EU issues with their fellow students and teachers through a series of debates and workshops, interactive presentations and a Q&A session with Dutch MEP Mohammed Chahim.

As part of their educational visit, the students also got the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

“It was such a privilege to be awarded the opportunity to go on this wonderful trip.  I learned so much, not just about the EU but also about the importance of democracy ...”  - Junior Ambassador, Ireland
“Mohammed Chahim [...] gave us an insight into an MEP’s life and inspired me to vote in upcoming elections and look out for my future” - Junior Ambassador, Ireland

What is the European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) programme?
The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of European Parliamentary democracy and of European values among secondary school students and in Ireland is particularly suitable for Transition Year students.

EPAS gives students the opportunity to understand their rights as EU citizens and teaches them how they can become involved in the EU’s democratic processes. With the help of their Senior Ambassadors (teachers), students learn about the EU, the Member States, history, values and impact on our daily lives.  They also participate in a range of activities such as setting up an EU Info Point in their school, organising a Europe Day event, connecting with their MEPs and linking up with other EPAS schools from across the EU.

There are currently 72 secondary schools in Ireland registered for the 2023-2024 term of the programme in Ireland.

You can find out more about the programme in Ireland here