MEPs investigate use of defective concrete blocks in construction

From 30 October to 1 November 2023, eight MEPs will travel to County Donegal, Ireland to engage with local authorities and residents, campaigners and experts on the defective concrete blocks used in the construction of buildings across Ireland.

To investigate issues raised by several petitioners, this Fact-Finding Visit (FFV) is organised in order to follow-up on the several petitions received and debated by the Committee on Petitions on the use of defective mica blocks in construction in Ireland, alleged non-compliance with the EU Construction Products Regulation and the protection of homeowners.

These petitions deal with the problem of defective concrete blocks used in the construction of many homes, more than 6,000, in the northwest of Ireland over the last two decades. These blocks were unfit for purpose because of the presence of Muscovite Mica in the aggregate that was used in the manufacture of the blocks.

Given the continuous deterioration of the situation and the ongoing revision of the EU Construction Products Regulation, the aim of the FFV in the affected region is to inspect affected buildings and to listen to the petitioners in Donegal and meet with members of Donegal County Council, experts in the field, and Darragh O’Brien TD, Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage and other officials.

A Press Conference will be held in Europe House on Dublin's Lower Mount Street between 11:30 and 12:00 on 1 November  where members of the Press will get a chance to ask questions to the Head of delegation, Ms Dolors Montserrat, about the visit.

The delegation consists of the below MEPs:

Official Members of the European Parliament's PETI Committee:
1.       Ms Dolors MONTSERRAT - Chair of the PETI Committee (Spain)
2.       Ms Yana TOOM (Estonia)
3.       Ms Sira REGO (Spain)
4.       Ms Tatjana ŽDANOKA (Latvia)

Accompanying Members of the European Parliament:
1.       Mr Colm MARKEY (Ireland)
2.       Ms Maria WALSH (Ireland)
3.       Mr Luke Ming FLANAGAN (Ireland)
4.       Mr Chris MACMANUS (Ireland)