Classroom resources

For teachers and young people - find useful information and guides to teach/learn more about the EU in a fun and interesting way. Find out about The House of European History, Parliament's multi media channel and access other useful classroom resources.

Below you will find a list of useful links to information and guides to teach/learn more about the EU.

Learning Corner provides all kinds of teaching materials about Europe for primary and secondary school students.

House of European History

Connect the teaching of European history to our contemporary world via the online resources exploring major themes such as migration, conflict, power of communication, human rights and identity.

Online Youth Talks:

Have your questions on the European Parliament answered in a 60-minute online presentation and Q&A session adapted to your group’s interests.

Youth Seminars

Discuss with other young people important topics relevant to today's Europe.   Online (3 hours) or in Brussels or Strasbourg (full day).

Multimedia Centre of the European Parliament

A valuable source of information covering the latest news stories from the European Parliament.  You'll also find live and edited videos and infographics explaining Parliament's priorities and procedures.

YouTube channel of the European Parliament

What Europe does for me

'Me, You & the EU’ : an educational film about Ireland and the EU

EU & ME - publication for 15-18 years old

Publications for teachers and students

Kahoot Quiz

Languages Connect

My Big Friendly Guide to the European Union