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Thank you for voting in the European elections

Your vote has helped to shape Europe’s future and to make our democracy stronger. The newly-elected Members of the European Parliament will play an essential role in decisions on key EU posts and will resume Parliament’s work on laws that make a difference in the lives of all Europeans.


Main Priorities

European Elections 2024

Picture of ballot box

European elections took place across Europe on 6-9 June 2024 and in Ireland on 7 June 2024. By casting a vote you helped decide what kind of future you wanted for Europe and for Ireland. Your 14 new MEPs will start their mandate on 16 July 2024 in Strasbourg.

European elections: what they are and how they work European elections: Educational Toolkit


young people in the european parliament in strasbourg at the european youth event 2023

Welcome to the Youth Outreach page of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland. Here you will find lots of information about our programmes and competitions for young people.

Ambassador School Programme in Ireland Euroscola competitions for Irish schools Classroom resources School visits to the European Parliament in Dublin

Press & Media


Find up to date and relevant information including Press Releases, Newsletters and contact information.


Your MEPs

There are currently 720 members in the European Parliament, elected across the 27 Member States of the EU.  Ireland has 14 MEPs representing three constituencies, Dublin, South and Midlands-North-West.  Due to population increases Ireland was among Member States which gained seats in the 2024 European Elections. You will find more information about your MEPs at the link below.

About us

The European Parliament Liaison Office provides information on the European Parliament's role and powers, on the Irish MEPs and their activities and on issues currently being considered by Parliament which are of significance for Ireland and for Europe as a whole.

Our press section deals with queries from journalists and provides information for those journalists wishing to attend plenary sessions.

Our range of services include:

  • information on the European Parliament and on the role and work of Irish MEPs
  • assistance in accessing European Parliament reports, resolutions or other documents
  • information on European elections in Ireland
  • assistance with provision of speakers for events/presentations
  • information on European Parliament activities with schools
  • information on applying for a traineeship or on recruitment procedures at the EU institutions
  • advice on EU citizens' rights
  • information on visiting the European Parliament in Strasbourg or Brussels
  • advice on submitting a petition to the European Parliament or making a complaint to the European Ombudsman
  • provision of leaflets, maps, wallcharts and other publications on the European Parliament

Our address is:

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland
12-14 Lower Mount Street
Dublin D02 W710
Tel.+ 353 (0) 1 605 7900

Our Team


Fionnuala Croker

Head of Office (Acting)

Mobile: 086 851 4067

Patrick O'Riordan

Public Relations Officer

Tel 01 605 7905

Thomas Kramer

Community Manager

Tel 01 605 7922

Jeremy O'Sullivan

Cultural Relations

Tel. 01 605 2920

Margaret Francois

Communications Assistant

Tel. 01 605 7902

Anne McEvoy-Smyth

Communications Assistant

Tel. 01 605 7903

Helen Ross

Communications Assistant

Tel 01 605 7907