Euroscola offers an immersive experience in the Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allowing secondary school students to experience of European parliamentary democracy. Students debate, negotiate, amend, vote and adopt resolutions on current European issues, just like the MEPs.

Euroscola combines both in-person attendance, directly in the European Parliament’s hemicycle in Strasbourg and online, via live-stream and interactive online platforms.

The programme in the morning is a hybrid event and lasts two hours.  The young participants learn about the European Parliament, its members,and policies. They actively participate by proposing their innovative ideas on the topic under discussion.  This is done via live video on Interactio for online students, directly in the hemycycle for students present in the European Parliament in Starsbourg or in written form via Slido for all types of attendees.

The afternoon part of the programme is reserved for in-house participants.   The next Euroscola session takes place on 20 October 2023.

You can watch back a recording of the sessions or watch them LIVE via Parliament's Multimedia Centre.

Euroscola Competitions

Check out our 2023 Competition here! Deadline for entries: 27 October 2023

Each year we organise a competition giving secondary school students the chance to win a sponsored trip to participate in Euroscola in Strasbourg. The competition is open to all post-primary schools. Competition winners (24 students and two teachers) receive a subsidy towards the cost of travelling to Strasbourg. In order to take an active part students prepare in advance and come to Strasbourg already acquainted with the issues up for discussion.   Students take the floor in plenary and committee sessions to debate and vote on resolutions on current affairs, all the while practising their language skills and making friends with fellow students from across Europe.

Teachers also have the opportunity to meet their colleagues and exchange feedback about their own classroom practices & experiences.

If you wish to be notified of future competitions please email Margaret:

We also run competitions in conjunction with the following organisations:

Model Council of the EU

Gaisce The President's Award 2nd Level Student Competition

Michael Sweetman Educational Trust

Rotary Youth Leadership Development Programme

Young people in hemicycle of European Parliament in Strasbourg for Euroscola session on 25 May 2023


Sponsorship: €60 lump sum for hotel costs, up to €40 lump sum for food, and 9 cent per km travelled (back and forth) per person

Am I eligible: Sponsorships can be given to groups of up to 24 students + 2 teachers per country (With an exception for students with disabilities, who may come with an accompanying person that will also be sponsored).

Schools are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.